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The secret to a successful business

Hinges on your ability to cut through the noise and focus on the right things at the right time for your business and your life. I've made it my mission to help civic-minded social entrepreneurs like you get ahead in the game, without sacrificing your integrity or losing sleep.

Who's Whitney?

Whitney Gaffari, CHC, CRC

Hi, I’m Whitney Gaffari, Business Growth Strategist, Coach, Mentor, Author, and Serial Entrepreneur. I have been obsessed with business and finding quick ways to make cash since I was 7-years-old with a Kool-Aide stand in my driveway. That Kool-Aide stand in one summer scaled to include snow cones and bracelets, then rebranded to selling fresh fruit straight from our fridge. My mom still has some beef with me on how I chose to source that fruit. Sorry mom, but look how far I’ve come. 😘

Since then, my affinity for business strategy and loving people up only continued to grow as I found myself working in small businesses and climbing the corporate ladder inside Fortune 500 companies. 

As I 
✔︎racked up student loan debt

✔︎obtained multiple coaching certifications


✔︎doubled down on my own personal development game

One thing became painfully clear: there is a massive gap between those receiving access to knowledge, resources, and support and those who do not. So I set out to change that. As an African American woman from the Midwest who has intersectional identities that cross into the LGBTQIA+ community, I don’t often see myself reflected in the professional or personal development content I come across. 

The solution?  

Create my own! 

Through the lens of cultural relevance, I harness over 13 years of strategic marketing and business cultivation alongside coaching accomplishment, including business, holistic health, and wellness, life, love, and relationships. My background allows me to draw upon my professional and personal experiences that span shedding a lifetime of religious trauma, which led to me leaving behind the only social community I had ever known to the exit of an abusive marriage to find my personal voice and power. 

These experiences fuel my passion and desire to help others escape mindsets and structures designed to limit and sabotage the pursuit of individual and collective joy. 

It’s an honor to Robin Hood my way into service and share resources, and strategies often gatekept with you.

Brown Girl Theory is the byproduct of taking those resources and strategies, sanitizing them, then sending them through the wash 3x before delivering them up, with love…and sass! 💅🏾
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The BGT Mantra

“ 'Round here we measure success by how many people [are] successful next to you, here we say you broke if er'body broke - except for you...”

— Jay-Z

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