Are we a culture of conflict?

Uncategorized Jun 12, 2019

Conflict is a natural part of human interaction. If dealt with correctly, it can actually be a positive and highly beneficial “springboard” for change and growth. 


As a culture, we're surrounded by relationship conflict especially everywhere we go and in everything we do. It's the “driving force” behind most television shows, movies, plays, novels, and even cartoons. It's the primary factor in entertainment, and especially so in reality television. Not only are our history books brimming with relationship conflict, but it’s often the top story (conflict in it's simplest of forms) in today’s newspaper and media broadcasts. 

Think about it... I'm willing to bet one of the songs that's been stuck in your head, is about some form of relationship injury or drama. 

Your favorite show or movie probably has some sort of complicated love triangle.

You've supported a friend through a tough fight or break up with their partner.

Or you...

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Why the hell is drama following me around?

Uncategorized May 29, 2019

It’s interesting, isn’t it? It seems that no matter HOW long you’ve been single or in a relationship, or WHO it is that you’re dating... there’s conflict around just about every corner.

What your weekend plans will be.

Who's family will be the first stop during the holidays.

Sexual proclivities, interests, explorations, and brands of kink.  

If we’re lucky, we can steer clear of it, but there are times that it seems to be waiting for us and is unavoidable. Have you ever stopped to really wonder why that is? You're probably thinking "Yea! I'm a nice and cooperative person in general, and especially when it comes to love. So why the hell is drama and conflict following me around?" 


Could it be the fault of those you’re choosing to share your energy with? You’re pretty careful to have friends and only date people who seem like caring and self-aware people, so that’s not it. Is it just a matter of bad luck?...

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