Business Cultivation for the Conscious community looks like:

The 4-Week Marketing Recharge

Transform your marketing, deepen your connection to your community + ethically increase your profits with the small steps shared in this 4-Week challenge.
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It's All Love, Boo

Grow Love. Give Love. Be Love

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The Marketing Recharge 4-Week Challenge!

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What you will get from this 4-Week Challenge + Community 

Experience the confidence of understanding business basics and learning professional strategies to help grow your community + your sales. There's #NoGatekeeping in this 4-week challenge.

Transform your marketing and business growth in ways that are aligned with your values and your integrity.

  • Regardless if you're starting up or scaling, learn the core areas that never change in operating a business + how to optimize them for your success
  • Accountability zone and support as you workshop your ideas of implementation
  • Boost your confidence, and zap the confusion of not knowing what to focus on
  • Business concepts broken down into bite-sized nuggets with daily action steps
  • Community of peers who HEAR YOU. SEE YOU. UNDERSTAND YOU.
  • Learn how to attract your beloved community of brand advocates
  • Learn the tools you need to keep things nice on the front end, and smooth sailing on the back
  • A brave space to show up and celebrate your wins no matter how big or small
  • and so much more!
  • ....and ALL FOR FREE!
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    Now Being Served - Clarity + Focus 

    Each Weekly Theme is a Focus Area that Includes Daily Action Items

    How Are You Attracting Your Community of Clients

    Understand what your funnel-sphere is, how to audit and improve upon what's in place to attract your 5-Star community members + clients

    Tighten Up Your Backend - No Squats Required

    Discover the key systems, processes, and metrics to implement and track to run a successful business that operates like a movement. 

    Improving Your Product Offerings

    Explore the elements of your product or solution offerings that could potentially be hindering your growth. Experiment with how you grab attention through your sales pages, email marketing, pricing, and how to test + measure progress.

    Passively Scale Your Business Impact

    Integrate and grow the collaborative partnerships that stem from your own relationship economy or from within your community while automating the revenue that keeps you sustained. 
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